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Extended Tip Nozzles - Type 2

Series 1000419 - Type II
Price class "B" - Any nozzle from this series can be selected as one of four nozzles included with a machine. Extended Tip nozzles are used for surface mount PLCC sockets and other special applications.  This type of extended tip nozzle is intended for use on larger sockets, and can use an optional vacuum cup. Part numbers for vacuum cups (VC) are: 1 = 1061M-1 (1/4"), 2 = 1061M-2 (1/2"), 3 = 1061M-3 (3/8").  Only the 0.094 through hole is present when the nozzle vacuum cup is listed as "N/A".  Vacuum up is optional on these nozzles.

Series 1000419 - Type II

1000419-01 SKT 2.100 X 0.615

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